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Create a home fire safety plan for this year’s National Fire Prevention Week

Here are tips for teaching kids about fire safety, ways to make your home safer and how to make a fire safety plan in honor of national fire prevention week.

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5 Best places to hide valuables & the 5 places every thief checks first

Learn where not to stow your valuables and how to hide them in unexpected places to keep a burglar from taking them.

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The top smart cities – 7 U.S. cities to watch

While technology races ahead, many cities still operate in a clunky way that brings to mind images of a frustrated…

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Your ultimate summer cleaning & maintenance checklist

After a long and frigid winter, the sunny skies of summer can provide the perfect backdrop for simple tasks that…

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6 Essential Steps to Secure Internet for Freelancers

More and more workers are punching their time cards at home, a trend that puts a focus on the security…

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Keeping Your Kids Safe Online

As part of the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), many states have laws in place for filtering internet content in…

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3 Smart Devices to Keep You Safe this Cyber Security Month

With the power of the Internet today, we live in an age of endless opportunity. But, just like we have…

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Top Features to Consider When Choosing a Home Security System

I am frequently asked by  homeowners who are moving into their new homes or are in the market for some home…

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How the Rise of Smart Home Technology Will Impact Homeowners

Smart home technology can help property owners reduce their risk. In fact, homeowners who invest in smart home devices now…

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