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Latest Frontier news and offers: August 2018

This month, Frontier gives you easy access to Netflix with your Vantage TV plan, discounted pricing on a Nest Learning Thermostat,…

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Why phone numbers are 7 digits and other fun phone facts

While few phone numbers flow as well as Tommy Tutone’s “867-5309/Jenny” song, there is a science behind the way we…

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All the Wonders of the Top 20 Advanced Home Phone Features

Almost every home phone company today offers common features like Unlimited Calling, Caller ID, and Call Waiting. But it’s those…

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How to Make Unlimited International Calls from Your Home Phone

As the old proverb states, it’s “better to see the face than hear the name.” But if it’s not possible…

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Do I Need a Land Line to Get a Home Security System?

With the aid of modern technology, home security today is better and smarter than it’s ever been before. And while…

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A Family of Bells and a Brief History of the Phone

When we talk about technology, it’s always important to remember how far we’ve come. And for the telephone – which…

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The 4 Huge Reasons Why You Still Need a Home Phone

When you were a kid, did you ever pick up your grandma’s home phone, spin the rotary dial a few…

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The pros and cons of holding onto your landline

You’ll have to compare landline and digital phone service to see which is ideal for your new home.

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UK following in America’s landline footsteps

The United Kingdom’s drift from corded phones in the United Kingdom looks quite familiar to American consumers.

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