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Latest CenturyLink news and offers: October 2018

What’s new with CenturyLink for the month of October? Find out with Allconnect®. Get the latest on CenturyLink deals, news…

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Latest AT&T news and offers: October 2018

Since the summer, AT&T released fresh projections on 5G expansion as well as a new military and veteran discount for…

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How to save money on your utilities at home all year

From alternative cooking methods to energy audits, learn about ways to save energy all year long.

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Create a home fire safety plan for this year’s National Fire Prevention Week

Here are tips for teaching kids about fire safety, ways to make your home safer and how to make a fire safety plan in honor of national fire prevention week.

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Complete guide to Verizon 5G and 5G networks

Learn about the first 4 cities to get 5G internet from Verizon, what 5G really is, how it works and the future of 5G expansion.

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2018 Fall TV shows to watch

Get a full list of major fall premieres from popular networks, so you can set your DVR to catch them all.

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Latest XFINITY news and offers: September 2018

What does XFINITY have to offer this month? Read on to learn the latest about XFINITY news and tech, plus…

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Frequently asked questions on internet speeds—what speed do you need?

Find out what internet speeds you need at home for gaming, streaming, working from home and more.

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How to boost your Wi-Fi signal to get the most out of your internet

Boost your internet signal to make it stronger, reach further and give you fast internet speeds at home.

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