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Apartment Security Tips for Students: Part Two

BY Kristen Fowler | Thu Apr 06, 2017
Apartment Security Tips for Students: Part Two

Apartment Security for Students: Additional Tips

Welcome back! Last time in our discussion of apartment security tips for students we discussed checking up on your apartments entrance points when you move in as well as getting yourself renters insurance. What else should you do? Even if you landlord or property manager replaces the existing locks, you may want to add a chain lock, dead bolt, or both. Also, lock your windows when nobody is home, and if you don’t have blinds or curtains, get some and keep them drawn when you’re out. Theives that can’t see into your place are less likely to be interested in your valuables. Want to be even more thorough? You can have an entire security system installed. While some security firms are vary to selling to renters, the advents of various cutting edge wireless security systems has opened the market.

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