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5 Household Robots That Make Your Life Easier

Easily take care of common household chores and carve more time for yourself with the latest generation of household robots….

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How to Create the Smart Bathroom of Your Dreams

  You’ve heard of the smart home — homes equipped with technologies that provide convenience, comfort, and security. Now get…

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How to Build a Whole Home Audio System On a Budget: A Roundup of Options

A house filled with music is a happier place. I know this for a fact. Since we picked up a…

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Ask These 5 Questions Before Buying a Home Surveillance System

Guest post by Jennifer Tuohy. The ability to see your home from wherever you are and whenever you want is…

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One Tablet to rule them all: The pressing need for a ‘Smart’ Home automation control center

Guest post by Jennifer Tuohy. The success of the do-it-yourself smart home is in large part due to the existence…

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5 easy home theater upgrades to watch the Big Game in style

Guest post by Jennifer Tuohy. February 1 is right around the corner, but if you were planning on sprucing up your…

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The costs of cutting the cord [INFOGRAPHIC]

Thinking of taking the leap from cable TV to internet-only TV? Or have you never had cable and are trying…

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