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50 Ways to Save Energy [Infographic]

BY Allconnect Inc | Thu May 19, 2016
50 Ways to Save Energy [Infographic]

Buying a home is a big expense, but did you know that homes are full of hidden costs that could lead to higher utility bills? It’s true – and many problems are more common in older, low-value homes that weren’t built or maintained with energy efficiency in mind. Today, we’d like to share some ways you can save energy in your home and in your wallet.

Before we get into the ways to save energy, though, it’s important to understand why we’re so wasteful. As explained by the Energy Information Administration, most of the energy used by homes is consumed by the major appliances, and that’s the sticking point when we’re trying to be efficient. Most people would agree that keeping their fridge cold is an acceptable use of energy, but what about televisions that never truly shut off, or connected devices that can be controlled from your mobile phone?

Most appliances – especially electronics – don’t stop using electricity just because they’re “off”. The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory studied a number of different devices, and found that set-top boxes, televisions, and even some audio systems were all fairly major consumers of electricity even when people thought they were off. This trend has been accelerating in recent years as the Internet of Things has promoted the idea of all devices being connected (i.e. using energy) at all times.

What all of this comes down to is that saving energy isn’t just something you do – it’s a lifestyle, and if you’re truly serious about avoiding waste and lowering your bills, you have to actively look for problems and find ways of resolving them. Each of the individual actions listed here may be small on their own, but when you put them together, they add up to a big change.

For now, let’s take a look at fifty ways you can save energy – and if you want to save even more, here are another hundred ways to make a difference.

50 Ways to Save Energy

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